Saturday, 26 May 2007

Recommended Reading for 2.4 GHz

Some useful links for anyone wanting to know a bit more about spread the spectrum technology as used in 2.4 GHz systems:

Whither Multiplex?

Multiplex are used to being at the cutting edge of technology, so it's disappointing that - at the time of writing - they have no 2.4 GHz systems planned for release (see RCMF thread).

With Futaba and Spektrum/JR mopping up the the 2.4G early adopters, Multiplex can only see their potential market diminish as the months pass. Multiplex's sister company Hitec is also late to market with a 2.4 GHz system.

Will Multiplex press on with their own 2.4GHz system? Will they buy in the necessary technology from another manufacturer? Or will they simply throw in the 2.4 GHz towel? Whatever the outcome, I hope they continue with the development of conventional PPM radios - replacements for the Evo and 4000 are long overdue.