Monday, 29 October 2007

Multiplex 4000: End of an Era

On Friday 28th October a message appeared on the Multiplex Yahoogroup that production of this landmark radio has finally come to an end, and the news was confirmed to me by Multiplex in Germany. A shortage of key componenents has led to this situation, and no doubt what remaining stocks are left will be held back for spares.

Even amongst users of rival R/C systems, the Multiplex mc4000 was acknowledged as the most programmable model RC system on the market right up to the present day. Like Concorde, it's unlikely that anything quite it will come along again, for some time at least. Owners of the 4000 - of which I am one - will be carefully nursing their systems, perhaps even scouring around for a backup.

The one scrap of positive news is that Multiplex will continue to support existing units for the forseeable future.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. I was surprised when I came back after a few years out that the FC-28 was still in production. It is a credit to these euro systems that they have lasted so long, being so flexible in their software and switch locations. My FC-28 is sitting unused, as most of my flying is now done on my DX-7. That is such a quick radio. Imagine if you could have the functionality of the 4000 with the latency of the DX-7! Hopefully we'll have something like that when the 12Z/14MZ Futaba modules come out. I have a 12Z just waiting...

Simon T