Friday, 15 February 2008

Rc-soar becomes a fashionista!

Complete change of subject... a photograph of mine has appeared rather unexpectedly in the Fashion and Style section of the International Herald Tribune!

The photo (see screenshot at left) was from a series of publicity shots I did for a friend who is a dress designer. The photo was submitted along with a press release to the IHT, and somehow it ended up heading the report on London Fashion Week.

The equipment I used was the same as I take with me to the slope i.e. ordinary entry-level 6MP dSLR camera. I had no idea that the photo had been submitted to the newspaper, so it all came as a bit of a surprise!


John said...

Aeromodeller and fashion photographer, I'm impressed and not a little jealous.

Mike said...

'accidental' fashion photographer more likely... :-)

Gatomalhado said...

As in F3F, it is not only the equipment that counts :) See you in Spain.