Saturday, 12 September 2009

How I Swapped a Plane for a Camera

A couple of months back, Phil Taylor called to ask if I would join him at the O2 for some soaring off the nearby Thames river wall. This sounded too good to miss, so I soon found myself heading down to North Greenwhich, with my trusty Longshot DLG swaddled in bubblewrap.

We managed to soar over the Thames thanks to the lift from the 12-foot concrete bank. We were even able to hook on to some thermal activity off the roof of the David Beckham Football Academy. Best of all, the models didn't get wet. If you want to read more about our little adventure, Phil has posted on RC Groups.

Aside from the flying, what caught my attention were some great views of Docklands. So a few weeks later, I found myself back, this time with a Pentax K100D, 40mm lens and tripod.

The photo above is the result. It's blended from five separate captures using Enfuse. It's currently work in progress - I'll post the finished article to my Flickr site.