Friday, 8 January 2010

Multiplex M-LINK 2.4 GHz review: progress report

To those of you wondering when my review of the Royal Pro M-LINK will hit the stands: my editor at RCMW put it back by a couple of months as apparently there was a raft of new products in the queue (including at least one other 2.4 GHz system).

Well the good news is the queue has cleared and the final copy date is looming large, so I guess the M-LINK review will be in print by the summer. By which time, everyone will of course already have done their research on the Internet. C'est la vie!

Well thanks to the recent humungous snow falls in the UK, I doubt that flying has been on many people's mind recently. On the other hand, it's great weather for toboganning, which probably explains why so many recycling bin lids have gone missing round here.

Now if you thought that snow and London don't go together, here's the scene on Primrose Hill yesterday:

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