Sunday, 11 August 2013

Jeti DS-16

Spotted on the hill: one brand spanking new Jeti DS-16. The spec is as for the DC-16, with the addition of internal accelerometers. These can be programmed to trigger actions based on gestures, e.g. 'tilting' the transmitter. Very cool!

Jeti DS-16

The build quality of the DS-16 is phenomenally good (the case is milled from a block of aluminium, the side levers move like butter, the switches are like silk...). And unlike the DC-16, the DS-16 is designed for thumb flyers. I found it very comfortable to hold (although it is still quite weighty).

Side detail. Design and construction are top notch. Dangling wire is from bluetooth audio transmitter which Dave has velcro'd to the back of the telemetry panel.

The owner of the set was my club mate Dave Woods - he'd just sold his DC-16 in favour of the new one, as he's a 'thumbs on top' pilot for which the DS-16 is better suited. Needless to say, he's very pleased with the DS.



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