Sunday, 27 July 2014

A model naming convention for OpenTx

One challenge with OpenTx is keeping track of your models. Over time, you find yourself with lots of setups, each only slightly different from the next. After a while it gets tricky keeping track.

To deal with this I've started to adopt a naming convention. The trick I've used is to split the 12-character name into five subfields as follows:

  • AAAAAA: base name of model e.g. 'SKORPI'
  • T: model type e.g. F= F3F or J = F3J
  • V:  version number for referencing external documentation
  • RRR: development tree. e.g. A = 1st copy, AA = copy of A, AB = alternative copy of 'A' etc.
  • S: status X= experimental, Z=obsolete
Of these, the 'development tree' field is the most key as it instantly identifies the most recent setup.


1 STING_J1     - Sting F3J v1.01
2 STING_F4     - Sting F3F v2.04
3 STING_F4A    - Copy of (2)
4 STING_F4AA_X - 1st copy of (3), experimental
5 STING_F4AB_X - 2nd copy of (3), experimental
6 STING_F4ABA  - Copy of (5)
7 WILDTH       - Wildthing

How it works on the field:
  • For routine flying, I choose a model without an 'X' at the end
  • After copying a model, I amend the development tree of the copy, and place an 'X' at the end.
  • After testing, I remove the terminating 'X'
It's early days, but I'm already finding the scheme helpful. Bear in mind this naming convention is designed around my F3F and F3J setups - you can always adapt it for your own needs.

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