Monday, 25 August 2014

Slope junkie needs Needle

Just received a photo from Thuro showing my Needle 115 in the final stages of manufacture:

Needle 115 in Thuro's workshop

The Needle will replace my ageing Sting which tends to struggle against more modern opposition, especially in a breeze. The N115 is about the same span and areas as the Sting yet will carry three times as much ballast - and has a much slimmer fuselage.

I think the N115's near-elliptical planform looks gorgeous. The only problem was deciding between the V- and X-tail versions. For anyone wondering the same, do have a look at at Pierre Rondel's commentary - it is essential reading.

In the end I went for the V-tail version as I've started to fly wider 'EM' style turns. Better ground clearance and simpler tail linkage are strong secondary reasons.

More details of the Needle 115 on Thuro's web site. In the mean time, here's Pierre's splendid video comparing the X- and V-tail versions.

Needle115 VTail vs CrossTail from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

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