Friday, 21 October 2016

F3F setup v.4.1 with PUMP mode

Following hard on the heels of v 4.0, I've just released a further update of my F3F Setup for the FrSky Taranis. The new version 4.1 features an optional Pump mode.


Pumping is a form of front-side dynamic soaring and is a common method of maximising height before an F3F run. It involves working the shear layer adjacent to the slope edge by alternately diving and turning into the wind.

The new 'Pump' mode in version 4.1 allows you to optimise the settings when pumping. Typically settings would be zero camber, high aileron and rudder rates, and aileron-to-flap mix.


The requirements for the user interface were as follows:
  • Should require minimal intervention to activate/deactivate pump mode
  • If the pilot decides not to pump, operation should be unchanged from previous versions. 
  • No extra switch checks at startup.
The solution I adopted was inspired by DRS in Formula 1 cars, i.e the pilot applies Pump mode as a one-shot boost if needed.

Pump mode user interface

The pilot must be in Climb mode before Pump can be activated. So the sequence from launch to speed run is as follows.
  1. Launch in Climb mode
  2. Pull the momentary switch SH before the first pump. The tx is now in Pump mode.
  3. Before entering the course, switch to Normal mode in the usual way. Pump mode is automatically deactivated.

Pump-specific settings 

Pump mode has its own settings for:
  • Elevator trim
  • Snapflap volume (adjustable in flight via throttle trim)
  • Aileron-to-flap mix
  • Aileron-to-rudder mix
You can also override the default rudder, elevator and aileron rates by adding appropriate lines in the Inputs menu.

Should you upgrade?

F3F Setup version 4.1 inherits the quicker setup from 4.0 and is recommended for new models. OpenTx 2.1.8 or higher is required. (If you don't have OpenTx 2.1 installed then perhaps now is the time to make the change - see version history for compatibility info).

Acknowledgements and download

I'd like to give my thanks to James Osborne over in the US and also Mike Evans for checking out the documentation. F3F Setup version 4.1 is available from OpenTx Clinic.

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