Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A plane in Spain

Just returned from our annual fortnight in Spain with Vic, Sylvia, Kevin, Andrzej. As usual we flew at the wonderful La Muela, the perfect setting for both slope and thermal flying. This year, though, we went in late summer. A good decision, as the slope conditions were fantastic, a steady breeze on the SW face virtually every day.

For my F3F ships, I took along my new FrSky Taranis. The Cockpit SX was reserved for the sport models. My Profi 4000 came along as reserve, in case the Taranis disintegrated in the heat and dust... well it didn't fail, despite being dropped three feet onto the dirt.

The Taranis was also put to the test in a surprise F3F competition. I'm greatly enjoying the feel, flexibility and voice feedback.

We had a great time, for which thanks to my companions and also to our Spanish hosts for their usual fantastic generosity. Roll on 2014!

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