Monday, 25 November 2013

F3F setup v2.0 for FrSky Taranis

After a few weeks of tweaking and documenting, I'm finally releasing version 2 of my F3F setup for the FrSky Taranis.

[I've moved the content of this post to a static page, and added some more documentation. please go to  OpenTx Clinic.]


ians said...

It may be worth considering a few extra optional features/mods.
-Left hand slider to operate an electric motor
-A second setup for conventional rather than v-tails.

Bartplus4 said...

I am pleased to see that you are working on an update and most importantly a good set of instructions. I look forward to seeing the end result.
Since moving over my first model I have modified the file to suit a 4 servo wing glider with an electric motor. I have used one of the sliders as a throttle.
I have also prepared a slimmed down version for my 60" 2 servo moldies. I have just deleted the mixer lines for the flaps. I have reassigned some channel numbers but everything else has remained the same.
Thanks for your efforts.

RC Soar said...

Ian, it's good to see the setup being modded in this way! I'm going to have to leave out support for a motor with this version as all the docs are written, but of course this could be done. Something for v2.1 perhaps, even if it's just to free up channels 7 and 8.

RC Soar said...

I have since taken on board Ian's suggestion to leave some servo channels free for motor etc, it's present in version 2.

Ian H said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for making this set-up available it looks very good indeed and the step by step instructions are very clear. IanS (Bartplus4) is our club Secretary and he suggested I take a look at your set-up and the associated forum topic. I hope to use your set-up on a six servo model once I have studied the instructions more fully during the week. It is a conventional cross tail so I am hoping it will not be too difficult to change from the V-tail configuration. I intend to look at the wing first then sort the elevator and rudder. I also need to change the channel order too, this is to match my JR Tx, so that if I need to swap a model over from the Taranis then I just need to re-bind.

Thanks again.

Ian H (Zephyrus on BARCS)

RC Soar said...

Hi Ian, your mods will slot into the existing mixing scheme with very little work. C9X can be a bit pesky when asked to move mixers around, but there are some tricks to ease the process. Good luck, I'll be on the RCMF forum in case help is needed.