Friday, 18 January 2008

FASST goes slow

Futaba have at last acknowledged what many already knew - that a number of FASST systems have been released in the wild with identical GUID's, which has resulted in at least one crash in the UK. This issue affects the 6EX and 7C transmitters, as well as the TM-7 module.

For background on this issue, see my earlier report. For advisory bulletins, see
The bulletins are identical except Ripmax make no mention of the Futaba 7C (perhaps it's not on sale in the UK).

Curiously, both bulletins mention another issue which appears to be unrelated to the duplicate GUID problem. I quote: "if the transmitter and receiver have lost their binding which required them to be re-linked, we recommend returning them to the Ripmax Futaba Service Centre for analysis. This is not expected behaviour and should be investigated accordingly."

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