Friday, 16 October 2009

Multiplex M-LINK 2.4 GHz - upcoming review

Today I did some initial flight testing of the Multiplex Royal Pro 12, equipped with a brand new M-LINK 2.4 GHz module - woo hoo!

So, what's new? Well M-LINK is the name for Multiplex's new spread spectrum system, and is their answer to Futaba's 'FASST', Spektrum's 'DSM-2' and Jeti. More than that, though, M-LINK is the only system to support fully integrated telemetry (the Jeti system has telemetry, but a separate receiving box is required to view the telemetry data).

With an M-LINK transmitter and a telemetry receiver, it's possible to monitor your model's vital functions right there, on the screen of your Royal Pro or Cockpit SX M-LINK transmitter. It's cool. I got to see a demo of the telemetry system - albeit on a ground based test rig - at the Multiplex Fly-in at Baldock, and it was impressive.

My review of the Royal Pro 12 with the M-LINK conversion will appear in RCMW. Suffice to say that initial flight tests with an Easy Glider went well, and further flight tests are planned. The receiver supplied for review is the RC-7-DR Light receiver, which is not telemetry capable. However I've been promised a telemetry capable rx for a subsequent review. And an M-LINK module for the Profi 3030/4000 is also on its way.

For more details of M-LINK, have a look at the Multiplex web site.


Martin Tigg said...

I converted my 4000 and it is very good but BIG black mark MPX. Still no 9&12 ch receivers and the delivery date just goes back and back.
Give them a kick Mike

Mike said...

I agree it's frustrating, and three months later there is still no sign of the DR's.

Phil said...

Also converted my 4000 for use with the M-link light 7ch receiver. No problems and works fine with my Hi-tech servos on the fast response setting. Installed in Blade 1.9.