Monday, 7 February 2011

Dogfight double: Jeti Duplex and Multiplex M-LINK

With all the talk about Multiplex's M-LINK telemetry system, it's easy to forget that it was another manufacturer, Jeti, that was first to market with a reliable bi-directional 2.4 GHz system. In fact M-LINK and Jeti's Duplex system are very similar - so similar that's it's hard to believe that Duplex wasn't in Multiplex's minds when they were designing M-LINK. Both systems permit the design of small telemetry-capable receivers, with the option of programmable external sensors. And both systems work very well.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Some thoughts on the latest Multiplex releases

Those clever chaps at Multiplex must have been working pretty hard recently, judging by the number of M-LINK 2.4 GHz products launched at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Some interesting/curious/cool things which caught me eye: