Thursday, 18 July 2013

F3F setup for FrSky Taranis

[30 Nov 2013: The F3F setup page has moved to here.]


Dan Neelands said...

Thanks Mike,

I don't know why but your set-up resonated with me and is now my primary template for F3X. I had tried several other "advanced glider" EEPEs from various sources but could not easily navigate then in order to personalize.

Dan Neelands said...

BTW, Can't wait to learn what you have in mind for the "cal" mode. Sounds like it will be useful for migrating planes which are already set up to FRSky.

RC Soar said...

Dan, thanks for positive feedback re the F3X setup. The calibration article is posted on my main site

MattyB said...

Wow, your setup continues to evolve and improve - great stuff! Will be so useful when I get my Taranis or Horus next year, both as a learning aid and as a deaf to F3F setup. Thanks!

Ps - Have you experienced any stick centring issues with your set? A few are seeing them due to th e way the pots are secured apparently, though I suspect it's a small minority only.

RC Soar said...

Hi Matt, it's pretty well there now. I had a small centring variation on one axis which disappeared after I tightened the spring. Just waiting for a Westerly...!

Erik said...

Thanks alot Mike!
You`re the reason why i switch to FrSky in the first place. I would`nt have done that without your F3F-template

Best regards from Germany

Marco Conte said...

Hallo Mike,
I'm trying to modify your great f3f set-up for an electric motor version but doesn't look easy!
I would like to have the throttle stick divided by 40%-20%-40% where the 20% (center) there is no action, the bottom 40% prop.butterfly and the top prop.gas.
Any help is really apreciated.

RC Soar said...

Marco, easily possible in theory, though some re-organisation of the flight modes + mixers necessary. And there will be other complications to do with mapping throttle values for spoiler operation. Trigger landing mode from a custom switch CS1: Thr < -20. Add new 'power' mode triggered by CS2: Thr > 20. Pay attention to flight mode priorities. Do initial setup as F3F, save your work, then make changes.

Marco Conte said...

Thanks Mike
looks rather difficult to set up.
I'm trying with 2 curves - will see.

RC Soar said...

Agreed, it's quite a bit of work. I plan on doing an e-glider setup at some stage... the throttle will probably go on a side slider with spoiler on throttle stick - or maybe combine motor and spoiler on the throttle stick. The version 2 sliders are just about good enough for motor control IMO.

Marco said...

Right, it's what I've done ... throttle on CH7 (RS slider). Works but the old type/slider is quite dangerous ... very easy to move accidentally, motor and spoiler on thr stick is great!

ians said...

Have any plans to update your set up following the latest Companion 9X release and new firmware?

RC Soar said...

@Ian: the new firmware will translate old EEPROMs automatically. The only change is to the F3F setup is to shorten the filenames of .WAV files to 8.3 format, and to amend the corresponding references in the Custom Functions. This can be done before or after translation. This is the quickest way to migrate to v. 1.99. If starting from scratch with a new model, it may be better to wait for the documentation to be amended, as weights and offsets work slightly differently in the new firmware.

RC Soar said...

Ignore my last comment - it seems that there are indeed some issues when migrating the F3F setup to v. 2.0 firmware, due to the changes in mixer handling. For now, I would avoid migrating the F3F setup to v2. A solution is being investigated.