Thursday, 12 December 2013

RIP my local model shop

Hobby Stores, Camden Town
1967? - 2013

Killed by the rent!

There's been a model shop on Parkway for at least 45 years. When I was a kid it was called Aeronautical Models, and it was chock full of boxes labelled Keil Kraft, Veron and Graupner. I can almost smell the place still - a mixture of diesel fuel, dope and balsa dust. The manager used to help me out with bits and pieces, and taught me how to solder.

In the seventies and eighties it changed hands a few times. Ali Machinchy took over and it was renamed Hobby Stores. Eventually Ali moved on to found Al's Hobbies. More managers came and went. Lately the shop seemed to be doing well. Yet when I went to visit last week, it had closed down following a rent rise.

Not only have I lost my local model shop, but we've lost a bit of local history too.

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