Saturday, 2 May 2015

F3F Setup for Taranis version 3.1

Ask ten different F3F pilots for their ideal transmitter configuration, and you can be sure you'll receive ten different answers. Some like US style hand held trannies, others like tray types. I prefer to fly with my thumbs, you might prefer to 'pinch'. And so it goes on, right down to the location and order of the switches.

With the latest version of my F3F setup, I've tried to address some of these issues by making it easier to customise the interface. To this end, there's a new section in the User Guide for altering flight mode switch assignments.

Another example: many pilots like to be able to dump the model into Landing mode simply by pulling on the spoiler stick - i.e. without having to explicitly select a flight mode first. So the new version provides this option (it's called 'Instant Spoiler').

Also new in 3.1 is deadband on the spoiler stick. A small amount of deadband is handy, but you can go further - by adjusting the deadband curve you can use just one half of stick travel. (I know one pilot who has both sticks self-centring.)

The new customisations are described in Section 7 of the User Guide. More details + download link are here.


Tilman Baumann said...

Thanks again.
I had used a throttle stick curve with your last mix. It wasn't too hard actually.
I just created a Brake input function which I used where throttle input was used (only one place IIRC)
That wasn't too hard.
That way I could easily apply whatever curve I wanted on the input.
I'm one of those weirdos with all centering sticks. :)

I had also moved all camber control on a second switch. Down for climb up for reflex and middle for normal. That felt more natural to me.

I'm very interested to see what you did there. Will have to look into that later. :)
I'm sure it's going to make my life easier in the future.

PS: Adding a new input function for brakes allowed me to keep a Thr input, for actual motor control. Which I usually keep on the left slider.
Flying like that does not allow me to touch the rudder easily when I fly on engine. But it's good enough for a short climb out.

RC Soar said...

Great feedback, thanks. Reinforces the idea that setups need to be adaptable. I tend to keep the number of Inputs to a minimum (just those where it makes sense to adjust rates) but that's just a style thing.