Saturday, 16 July 2016

E-Soar and E-Soar Plus version 1.1

Version 1.1 of E-Soar and E-Soar Plus setups for OpenTx are now available.

The main enhancement is to the motor arming system. A few users were treading on the SH button and killing the motor accidentally, so there's now a minimum down-press of 1 second.

Both setups support the X9D, X9D Plus and X9E. Recommended versions of OpenTx are 2.0.18+ and 2.1.7+. Here are the version histories with links to main pages:


Patrick Randall said...

pls excuse the rather rude question (I am probably about to pick up a Taranis in the next few days) and am only now just starting to read up.
I fly a Stratos SL-e 3m
With my current radio (Mhz!) I have my throttle stick setup so that motor on is about 49%, full power at 100%.
I also have flap deployment at low around 40% and full at 0%.
That way I have glide slope control and panic go-aroun on the one stick.
Can I do that on a Taranis + pls?
Kind regards,

RC Soar said...

Yes, that's easily within OpenTx's capabilities. However, devising an elegant solution and integrating it into an existing setup would require some expertise in OpenTx.

Patrick Randall said...

Oh, sounds like that might not be an existing setup? I found an example where flaps were on the throttle stick but the motor was just binary on/off on a switch.
Would it be possible for a user to set up a mix to do what I'm looking for or is would that need programming? (I think my mainframe assembler from the 60s might not cut it..)
Thanks for your help.
I'd really like to achieve this one stick glide slope / go around - it works great on my old Futaba 8UA steam powered.

RC Soar said...

It is possible, but would need programming expertise as there are no pre-defined high level mixers in OpenTx. See Basic Concepts in OpenTx Clinic.