Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Horus has landed

The long awaited FrSky Horus is finally on sale, and it appears that the production version incorporates some improvements over the prototype, one of which I've had for some months for beta testing.

The Horus is unique among higher end radios, in that it will run two operating systems: the proprietary FrTX and the open source OpenTx. FrTX may will appeal to those coming from Futaba, JR etc. However most pilots coming from the Taranis will opt for the far more flexible OpenTx.

I've flashed my prototype Horus with a pre-release version of OpenTx 2.2, and the combo looks promising. There is still a little work to be done, for example, there's currently no way to migrate your old setups - you have to enter them in manually on the transmitter. However I've managed to get the E-Soar setup up and running.

Not quite a museum piece - Horus prototype 07

Another pilot with a prototype Horus is Canadian F3J team member David Webb. David used my F3J setup at the recent World Championships in Slovenia on his Taranis, and he's now ported the setup to the Horus. The only problem was a minor bug in the Outputs menu - quickly fixed by the OpenTx developers who continue to do such a great job on this operating system.


Dan Neelands said...

I just manually entered my slightly customized version of your F3F setup on my production Horus. All seems good during bench testing. Hoping to fly it later this month.


RC Soar said...

Good to know - thanks!

Allan said...

I will receive mine next week. Would you recommend switching to opentx directly or use their proprietary software? I am very familiar with the Taranis and opentx as I have been using it on my f3f since the 9x....

RC Soar said...

OpenTx... though you'll have to type in the setup manually until 2.2 can read and convert older .eepe's.

Allan said...

Ok. Not too bad as I just have my 4 f3f and an allula to configure ;)
Thanks !!