Monday, 7 November 2016

F3J setup v.3.0 with KAPOW!

I've just released a new version of my F3J setup. Version 3.0 offers an optional 'Kapow' mode, and a quicker setup procedure. It supports OpenTx 2.1 or higher, and there are separate packages for the Taranis and Horus. In this post, I'll describe the various changes.

Quicker setup

Servo calibration is much quicker now, thanks to the use of output curves instead of min/max/subtrim. Users of the X9D/X9DP will notice a real difference here.

Kapow mode

Version 3 sports a new 'Kapow' flight mode, a technique pioneered by Bob McGowan for hitting the spot in TD competitions.  For more info see thread in RC Groups.

Kapow is disabled by default but is easy to configure.

Other enhancments

To optimise performance off the line, you can now define reflex camber in Zoom mode. The amount is adjustable via a knob.

Other refinements include: better use of the user friendly GVARs menu; easier flap setup; and extra calibration modes. For a full list of changes see the version history.

Download F3J Setup v.3.0

The Taranis version can be downloaded from OpenTx Clinic. A version for the Horus is also available, see unsupported setups.


My sincere thanks to Gordy Stahl for his invaluable feedback and advice over several emails - especially with regard to Kapow mode which, being primarily a slope bum, is new to me! Thanks also to Gerrit Vosselman for testing, and feedback.


Anonymous said...

Hallo I got a little problem with flight mode 7 (speed) I can't change it? No matter what I do, it always go back to !FM7, I want it to be FM7 without the ! What to do????

RC Soar said...

Please email me full info of what you're trying to do, also whether X9D/E or Horus (see end of Setup Guide for email link).

RC Soar said...

After further investigation, it seems there's a bug in OpenTx affecting the X9E only: FM7 & FM8 are not handled correctly. See F3J Setup for more info.

RC Soar said...

Version 3.0.1 is now available with a workaround for the X9E issue.