Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Sailplane setups now available for Horus

After a number of RF firmware updates, FrSky's flagship transmitter is finally starting to fulfill the high expectations of FrSky fans. I think we can expect to see many more Horus's appearing on the field/slope shortly, and it'll get a further boost when OpenTx 2.2 is officially released. In anticipation of this I've ported over my F3F, F3JE-Soar and E-Soar Plus templates to the new transmitter.

F3J setup, Horus style!

Horus templates

The setups are functionally identical to the Taranis versions, the only difference being that the templates are provided as .bin files. All setups have been tested under OpenTx v2.2 RC7 (N359).

You can download them from OpenTx Clinic.

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