Sunday, 22 January 2017

E-Soar Plus v2, with integral timer, faster setup

It's just over a year now since I published my E-Soar Plus template for full house electric sailplanes. Since then it's been adopted by a number of pilots for both sport and F5J competition. However there's always room for improvement; a few pilots have asked for a flight timer. Also I wanted to reduce the time to calibrate the servos and adjust the mixers. The result is E-Soar Plus version 2.0Let's take a quick tour...

Quicker servo calibration

Version 2 features much faster servo calibration using the integrated CAL mode. Out go the regular - and glacially slow - min/max/subtrim adjustments. In comes the much slicker 3-point output curves. The use of curves is well proven in my latest F3F and F3J setups, and users of the X9D/DP in particular will notice a considerable difference.

Servo curves accessible via {ENTER long]

Right flap curve on test model

Integrated flight timer

Version 2 incorporates a flight timer which is easy to operate:
  • To start timer: start the motor. 
  • To stop timer: pull briefly on the spring switch (SH). The time is called.
  • The timer is automatically reset when the motor is disarmed (long pull on SH).

Flight timer

Improved documentation

For those who want to explore the setup, the documentation has been improved and expanded, allowing for easier customisation.

Documentation for logical switches 

Easier adjustment

All mixer settings are adjustable from a single screen, or dynamically using transmitter controls. There's no longer any need to enter the Mixers menu.

GVARs menu showing mixer adjustments. Flight modes in columns

OpenTx versions supported

Recommended versions of OpenTx are 2.1.9+.
OpenTx 2.2 is not currently supported.


My thanks to all those who provided feedback, and not least to Roland Goudreau for flight testing the new setup in rather less than warm temperatures!


ted Hauser said...

I am trying to setup flap neutral using open-tx 2.2.0 on a Taranis x9d. In cal mod with switch SA down and FLneutral highlighted I am unable to change the digit in FM0 column. What am I doing wrong?

RC Soar said...

It's a translation bug in OpenTx 2.2.0, fixed in 2.2.1. See my support page.