Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Preparing your setups for OpenTx 2.2 RC10

The OpenTx developers have been making great progress with 2.2. The latest build is able to open .eepes created in OpenTx 2.1, and convert them to OpenTx 2.2 format. Even better, they can be re-targeted to the Horus - great news for those wishing to migrate their setups to the new transmitter.

However there are differences between 2.1 and 2.2 which you need to be aware of, and modifications may be needed for older setups to work correctly with the newer version.

Changes in OpenTx 2.2

Shorter object names

The maximum length of some object names has been reduced in OpenTx 2.2:
  • GVAR names - reduced from 6 to 3 characters max (Horus and Taranis)
  • Curve names - reduced from 6 to 3 characters (Horus and Taranis)
  • Mixer line names - reduced from 8 to 6 characters max (Horus only, no change for Taranis).
If a setup is opened with names which are too long, they are silently truncated. When planning a setup in 2.1 with a view to migrating to 2.2, it's worth making the start of each name meaningful.

Shorter filenames

Filenames of user-specified sound files, as well as script files, are limited to 6 characters + extension. If you reference longer filenames in Special Functions then these will need to be altered.

Control mappings from X9D to other transmitters

When importing X9D .eepes into the X12, some controls don't map as expected:

S2 → 6P
LS → L1
RS →L2

After import, check for any references to 6P, L1 or L2 and correct as necessary.

Other transmitters have different mappings. If using my pro templates, please see the latest documentation which lists the necessary changes.

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