Wednesday 5 November 2014

Alert for users of F3F Setup version 3.0.0

There is a potential issue with F3F setup for Taranis version 3.0.0 (thanks to Clayt Landells for spotting this).

The 'catchall' line for the aileron Input contains an incorrect src parameter. Not a problem with the default setup, but there could be an issue if any of the preceding Input lines are deleted or modified. Here's are screenshots showing the problem (yellow) and the fix (pink):

Fig. 1. OpenTx Companion

Fig. 2. transmitter

NOTE: only F3F setup version 3.0.0 is affected, previous versions are fine.
The F3J setup is not affected.

A corrected .EEPE file (v. 3.0.1) has been posted on the web site and the old one removed.

Safe flying!

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