Friday 15 December 2023

Time for a refresh: Mike's OpenTX/EdgeTX Clinic

My OpenTX Clinic website is no more. Long live OpenTX/EdgeTX Clinic

A bit of background: I created OpenTX Clinic about ten years ago, round the time OpenTX was launched. Since then the site has expanded steadily, with sailplane templates, Lua scripts, tips and code snippets.

Lately, though, the website was starting to look its age. It wasn't mobile-friendly, and given the rise in popularity of EdgeTX, the 'OpenTX' in the title was looking tired. 

So I bit the bullet and rebuilt the site as Mike's OpenTX/EdgeTX Clinic. It's no longer a static site (it uses PHP), and it's more mobile-friendly than the old version.

Screenshot of OpenTX/EdgeTX Clinic
Screenshot of new site

I've also reworked some of the articles, and ‘edgetx’ is now part of the URL. 

Do have a look - it's here:

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