Saturday 25 June 2011

Cockpit SX 2.4 GHz - new variants spotted

Last weekend, at the Wings n Wheels model show, I finally got to see Multiplex's newly launched Cockpit SX variants, the 'Elegance' and the 'Action'.

  • The Elegance is nicely understated, with a semi-matt deep blue/mauve finish. It has a non-slip feel.
  • The Action is much louder, with a smooth deep high-gloss yellow.
Both are drop dead gorgeous. I've already reserved my own yellow one in the next consignment from West London Models!

Cockpit SX  'Elegance' (left) and 'Action ' (right)
Also on show was the Multiplex M-Link Trainer Stick - a neat wireless replacement for the usual buddy box lead. 
'trainer stick' dongle

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