Saturday 23 July 2011

My Multiplex Cockpit SX. It's in there, somewhere!

Let me introduce you to my latest R/C system. Yes, I know you can't tell from the photo, but take it from me, it is bright yellow, and it has one of those diddy little aerials which mark you out as a thoroughly modern modeller!

Somewhere in there is a Cockpit SX M-LINK transmitter

It's my new Multiplex Cockpit SX, Action Edition, in not-quite-unwrapped state!

A word about the brown paper packaging. It was conceived and constructed by the guys at West London Models, so I could carry it on the tube. I'm pleased to report that it survive the rigours of London Transport admirably.

Photos to follow in due course. In the mean time, a bit of background. Although I've reviewed several 2.4 GHz systems and flown many dozens of hours with them, this new radio will be the first such system I've actually owned. This may come as some surprise, but most of my flying is with F3F racing gliders, and the benefits of 2.4 GHz are less clearcut here since the models tend to contain a lot of carbon, which makes installation more critical. The entry lists for F3F competitions shows that I'm not alone in persevering with 35 MHz - there's still a roughly 50/50 split between 2.4 GHz and 35 MHz users.

So why am I choosing this time to start converting to 2.4 GHz? A couple of reasons. First, I'm in the middle of converting a  48 inch STOL to electric power, and this model really will benefit from 2.4 GHz. It will be used on a crowded field, it doesn't contain any carbon, and as we all know electric motors and 35 MHz don't always mix. The second reason is that Multiplex have recently released the RX-5 Light and RX-6 Light micro receivers. Once installed in my Longshot DLG, their short aerials will reduce overall weight and drag, providing an actual performance benefit.

I will write some more words on this radio in due course, focusing on the differences from the 35 MHz version, so stay tuned. In the mean time, if you want to know a little background (based on the splendid 35 MHz version), then do have a look at Cockpit SX pages at my Multiplex Clinic.


Andrew P said...

Looking forward to the report Mike as I picked up my own little yellow box from WLM last Tuesday. So far I am very impressed, and the rx battery voltage downlink has already convinced me to replace the aging battery with a new larger capacity one!

RC Soar said...

Shouldn't be too long Andrew. However, there was a problem with the trims on my unit and I've since exchanged for an Elegance (WLM had no more Actions in stock).