Tuesday 26 July 2011

Unboxed! The Cockpit SX M-LINK

As promised, some photos of the 'unboxing' of my new Cockpit SX M-LINK. First I should explain that the 'Action' which I bought last week had to be go back to the shop - the trims were malfunctioning due to a hardware problem. As West London Models had no more Actions in stock, I exchanged it for an 'Elegance' instead.

Well I reckon the Elegance looks incredibly smart - dare I say, super elegant - with its dark blue, semi-matt finish. The surface has a non-slip texture (something between rubber and velvet) which will  make it great for DLG'ing on a hot day. However I'm not sure how easy it will be to keep clean, especially if it gets oily - the high gloss finish of the Action might make it the better choice for i/c powered models.

The Cockpit SX is available in various bundles. Mine is the 'M-LINK Telemetry Vario' set which includes a seven channel telemetry receiver. First impressions are very positive. The binding procedure is quick and simple, the sticks work smoothly, and the whole thing feels solid and well screwed together.

Incidentally, I've just been testing the battery duration of the transmitter... from full charge, it's been going 11 hours and still has several hours of juice left!!

Enjoy the 'unboxing'!

The, er, box! The 'Classic' version is shown on the cover, but inside it's another story...

Instruction manual + M-LINK addendum, stickers, safety notes, and international. frequency tables

Lots of empty space... top left is the receiver, the other two bays are for stalks and removeable antenna. Note the lack of reflections from the semi-matt finish. Whether you can see the colour of the Tx will depend on the accuracy of your display, it is actually a very deep blue. 

Hardware: tx, RX-7-DR rx, four pairs stalks (plastic), one pair stalks (turned aluminium). No charger or charging cable are supplied (good in my view, as many will already have these).

RX-7-DR has dual receiver circuits, plus built-in telemetry of rx voltage and signal quality.

The multilingual manual is splendidly complete, puts others to shame. A4 format, English section is 82 pages.

A page from the helicopter section

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