Monday, 1 October 2018

Frsky RX6R - a tiny full range 6CH receiver

The FrSky RX6R sounds like the answer to many pilots' prayers - a receiver small enough to fit in a Pitbull or Stribog without looking as if it's been jammed in with a hammer! What's more, the RX6R is claimed to offer 40% more range than X-series receivers.

Sounds too good to be true? Let's find out... [note: updated 18 Oct 2018 after first rx had low range]

I decided fairly early on that the RX6R would be ideal for my Stribog, but I resisted temptation for a few weeks as I wanted to avoid the first batch - just in case there were any teething issues. Eventually I placed an order with T9Hobbysport, and less than 24 hours later the little critter popped through the letter box.

The RX6R is a miniscule unit - shorter and narrower than the already small X4R. Yet it supports 6 PWM channels, or 16 channels on S.Bus. Like the X4R, it comes with a card wrapper - personally I would prefer a hard case, even at the expense of slightly increased dimensions.

For models using all 6 PWM channels, a Y-lead will be needed to share one of the outputs with the battery.

Size comparison: X8R and RX6R

I noticed that the soldering of the output pins to the upper board was inconsistent - some pins were soldered all the way through the through-plated holes, but most weren't (see photos).

Tiny bind button is at lower right

Binding to my X9D+ was straightforward and I soon had it working on my RSSI testing rig (I use this to test any new kit). Unfortunately, this is when things went awry - the RX6R reported lower RSSI values compared with the X4R receiver which I use as a reference. Two possible reasons: either my RX6R was sub-par, or the RSSI values meant something different.

Side view showing S.Bus/Smartport/AnalogIn2 port

A quick email to T9, and an equally quick response suggested that my unit may be faulty. I am currently waiting for a replacement and will update this post when I've checked it out. Update 18 October: ground range checks with the second receiver were good, at least on a par with the X4R. This one's a keeper, and will go into the Stribog!

Incidentally, I was lucky to have the support of a local dealer. Please support yours - they depend on you, and you never know when you might need them!

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Anonymous said...

I've been supporting T9, and they've been supporting me. Can I get my GX6-R to bind to an original Taranis Tx ? Can I chuff. Hopefully, it's a dumb user error, but presently I am wondering if it's like the S6R that's lurking on my shelf, awaiting me buying a more up-to-date Tx. Only this time, I read very carefully to see if my old Tx was not supported.