Monday, 1 October 2018

Frsky RX6R - a tiny full range 6CH receiver

The FrSky RX6R sounds like the answer to a lot of pilots' prayers - a receiver small enough to fit in a Pitbull or Stribog without looking as if it's been jammed in with a hammer! What's more, the RX6R is claimed to offer 40% more range than X-series receivers.

Sounds too good to be true? Let's find out... [note: updated 18 Oct 2018]

I placed an order with T9Hobbysport, and less than 24 hours later the little critter popped through the letter box. My original thought was to put the RX6R into  my Stribog. In fact it turned out a little differently as we'll see.

The RX6R is a very small unit - shorter and narrower than the already small X4R. Yet it supports 6 PWM channels, or 16 channels on S.Bus. Like the X4R, it comes with a card wrapper - personally I would prefer a hard case, even at the expense of slightly increased dimensions.

One slight drawback: for models using all 6 PWM channels, a Y-lead will be needed in order to share one of the outputs with the battery.

Size comparison: X8R and RX6R

I noticed that the soldering of the output pins to the upper board was inconsistent - some pins were soldered all the way through the through-plated holes, but most weren't (see photos).

Tiny bind button is at lower right

Binding to my X9D+ was straightforward and I soon had it working on my RSSI testing rig. Unfortunately, this is when things went awry - the RX6R reported lower RSSI values compared with the X4R receiver which I use as a reference. Two possible reasons: either my RX6R was sub-par, or the RSSI values meant something different.

Side view showing S.Bus/Smartport/AnalogIn2 port

A quick email to T9, and an equally quick response suggested that my unit may be faulty. I am currently waiting for a replacement and will update this post when I've checked it out.

Incidentally, I was lucky to have the support of a local dealer. Please support yours - they depend on you, and you never know when you might need them!

Update 18 October: the replacement receiver works perfectly. However rather than put it in the Stribog, I've decided to use it in my Ahi, for two reasons: first, the RX6R really needs a proper case for F3F work (3D print, anyone)? And secondly, the RX6R drives the Dreamflight servos in my Ahi without jittering. (Digression: jitter in the Ahi was a big problem with the previous X4R, my solution was to ditch the X4R and use a Multiplex RX-5 Light receiver with an MPX module in the tx.)

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Anonymous said...

I've been supporting T9, and they've been supporting me. Can I get my GX6-R to bind to an original Taranis Tx ? Can I chuff. Hopefully, it's a dumb user error, but presently I am wondering if it's like the S6R that's lurking on my shelf, awaiting me buying a more up-to-date Tx. Only this time, I read very carefully to see if my old Tx was not supported.