Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Ahi 1.0: an OpenTx template for aerobatic slopers

I've just added a new setup to my library of soaring templates. It's for 4-channel aerobatic slope soarers like the Ahi, Phase 6, Voltij etc.

Ahi v1.0 offers four flight modes, dual rates (including for snapflap), as well as in-flight adjustment of snapflap, diff, camber and reflex. Also included is a special CAL mode for quick setup.

Compared with the F3X templates, this one is relatively simple and would serve as a useful learning aid for OpenTx. Full documentation is included.

For more info and download link, head off to OpenTx Clinic.

Clubmate Sean Bannister launching his Ahi at Ivinghoe Beacon.
Sean achieved silver in the 1981 F3B World Champs,
as well as designing the iconic Algebra. 

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